Track 1 – Who’s Your Little Who-Zis

[From Album #1 – Dean Martin Sings (Dean Martin)]

It didn’t take long, maybe a week at most. I was laying naked on the bed, she was sitting naked on the floor by the foot of the bed. We’d just finished and were catching our breadth, I was fine on the bed but I guess the cool touch of the floor boards helped her. The floor was also littered with our clothes, an empty bottle of whiskey, and a few books for some reason. My laptop was sitting on the dresser, the playlist on the screen had ended a long time ago, and I could only hear a faint buzz from the speakers connected to it. I sat up and put my hand on her shoulder, she was faintly warm, the kind of warm you get from autumn before the cold sets in. She put her hand on mine, it was cool and calm.

“You alright?”

She nodded and said “Yeah, just cooling down.”

Summer had just started get comfortable in the valley and it was always a few more degrees than downtown.

“We make a pretty good mess,” I said looking around the floor.

She laughed, “At least we didn’t break the bed this time.”

“You figure that means we’re getting better or worse at it?”

She smiled, grabbed my hand, pulled it towards her and kissed the palm of my hand, “Definitely better.”

“Oh good, the practice is paying off.”

She began a laugh that turned into a yawn then closed her eyes while clasping my hand.

“C’mon,” I said while lightly pulling on her hand, “if you’re going to nap, at least do it in bed.”

She made a humming sound and said “I’m getting sleepy!” in playful bratty sort of way.

“I can tell, get up here, I’ll rub your back while you knock out.”

She squeezed my hand, “I love you.” She said in a yawn, almost concealed, but I caught it.

I smiled, pulled her hand towards me and kissed it, “I told you you’d say it first.”

Her eyes opened a little wider and she got this devilish smile of being caught that turned into a fake frown, “Oh, shut up.”

She let go of my hand, gave me a playful slap on the face and jumped on me, she wasn’t that sleepy after all.



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