Elementary Sentence

The little animals stay together.
The fluffy baby birds sometimes try to eat the dry cat food.
In the spring, baby birds will sometimes fly into your garden.
Once again, the animals had to go.
Bears find quiet caves to sleep in when it’s cold.
What happens under the ice on a lake?
Some animals collect food in the warm weather.
In the fall, they migrate, or travel to warm places.
Sometimes the bears wake up and go outside to see if it is warm yet.
Are there any more left?

I went with my family to the store.
Where are you from?
Did you see the dog?
My house is blue.
What is your name?
It was red, then it turned green.
I saw a bird.
She is my good friend.
You are out of the game.
The moon orbits earth because of gravity.

Our dream is to win the magic contest.
Those are not real.
This will be the one to beat.
When you are done cleaning your room, you can read your book.
He showed me how to turn around in the box.
My room is neat.
Do you know what I mean?
Seven and thirteen are good magic numbers.
She is interested in that one.
The magician will teach you the trick.
That is the wrong card.
The show was at the beach.

The rain came down hard, as Kate ran for help.
The wild river made the bridge shake.
The thunder scared me.
Will you please push the door open?
The wind blew very fast.
I walked down the lane.
I ran to the kitchen when I saw a flash of lightning.
Each plank was the same shape.
The train blew its horn.
I was late for class.

Sometimes on hot days, I like to go into the forest.
Did you get a new jacket?
The ground warms the damp air over it.
You could see the fire rise above the trees.
Lightning is a giant flash of electricity.
I saw a large cloud in the sky.
If five seconds go by, the lightning was one mile away.
This time nothing will hurt you.
Would you like another?
The water pipe broke.
It is safe to come out.

Write your name on your paper.
She was carrying a big basket of wet clothes.
I’m tired of this hot weather.
The twins jumped on their bikes and started to ride around and around.
Watching them makes me twice as hot as before.
After they finished their hike, they sat in the shade, under a tree.
I’m so hot I can’t breathe.
I don’t want to chase them.
How about some nice, cool ice?
Would you please get that for me?

I shone the flashlight on the street.
I waited for my parents to come home from work.
We had an earthquake drill at school today.
That is my favorite book.
The lamp fell of the table.
My grandmother let us stay outside until the sun went down.
I was under the table next to the chair.
We need to see how everyone in the neighborhood is.
I could hear glass breaking.
I was in the middle of the story when it hit.


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