Track 6 – With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming

[From Album #1 – Dean Martin Sings (Dean Martin)]

They were playing Aladdin at El Capitan in Hollywood. She’d grown up loving the movie, so had I but not as much as her. That’s one thing she always had on me, I could never identify with something as strongly as she could, didn’t matter what the subject was. As a child, she would sleep with the VHS next to her the same way some kids sleep with a stuffed animal, it was a cute thought. She had probably seen the movie more times than I’ve seen movies in general.

We had seen the movie together before, some drunken night obviously. She knew all the songs and most of the script, I spent most of the time just seeing her face light up as the movie played, it’s one of those things you can’t seem to forget. Every now and then she would turn to me and jokingly say “What?!” and start giggling, all I could do was nod and hug her. There are sides of people so simple and fun and uncorrupted by the rest of their existence, when you see it, you sort of just get lost in it and you want to stay there for as long as you can.

So we showed up at the theater, she’d never been to it, she was excited. We took pictures, she took most of them. Pictures of us, of the marquee outside, of the organ player before the show, more of us, of the ceiling, of the bathroom, a few more of us. She could take some good pictures.

The organ player stopped, went away, the lights dimmed, she grabbed my arm and squeezed. I’d never been more excited to see a movie I’d already seen so many times, all because of her. The movie started.

Eventually, the A Whole New World segment came on, you know how it goes. She grabbed my hand from the arm rest and squeezed, I squeezed back. Half way through the song I look over at her and she had tears rolling down her cheeks, she wiped them and new ones just started rolling down. She didn’t look at me, and I looked back at the screen. I raised her hand to my lips and kissed it, she leaned against me and held my hand with both hands. The scene ended, Jasmin went to talk to her father, Aladdin was relieved, the carpet was tired, the genie was funny, I wished I could keep her this happy forever.

“Thank you, baby. I love you so much,” she whispered in my ear. I turned and she gave me a kiss.

I whispered back “And I love you, silly.”

The tears had stopped with the song and we finished watching the movie. I wished it could just be us watching it, so that we could make our own jokes and I could see her mime the words to the movie and sing the songs. The movie ended and we made our way out of the theater onto the tourist trap that is Hollywood and Highland. We rushed over to the metro station and got on the train, it wouldn’t take too long to get home.

On the way back she kept thanking me, too much for my liking. Hell, thanking me once usually feels like too much. But she said she’d dreamed of seeing Aladdin in theaters since she was a kid and I was able to do that for her, well, I at least bought the tickets, but I take credit for making dreams come true when I can. She said it was actually her favorite movie despite what she tells other people, I could see how saying an animated movie would get you some looks, not that it should stop you. It hadn’t hit me til that day just how much Aladdin meant to her, how much taking her to go see it meant to her, and ultimately how much it meant to me.

For part of the way back home while we rode the train, with her arm around me because she liked to be the “man,” I thought about having something like that. I wanted to have some sort of event or situation that would mean that much to me, that would bring me a few simple, fun, and uncorrupted tears. I couldn’t think of anything, I couldn’t attach myself to anything like that. It would’ve been easy for me to say she was it, but that’s the easy way out, and I already had this great person. I wanted something that would just lift me the way she was. I wished for something, anything, didn’t get much.



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