Track 8 – When The Movie’s Over

[From Album #3 – Confess (Twin Shadow)]

The screen stopped dancing, both literally and what not. In that break between the last scene and the credits, in the dark, in a second, in yourself. Sniffling, she’d reached in her purse for tissue. His tie had cartoon suns wearing sunglasses, it started silly and was now ironic. An empty container of raisinets was sticking out of an empty paper cup of raspberry ice tea in the cup holder in the armrest he wished he’d lifted up during the first act so they could sit closer to each other. She had teared up during the second act of the movie, it was genuine, but now it was also personal. There was an anxiety to embrace but not lock eyes, as it is with old pain, it’s embarrassing in a tender sort of way. Both had stolen glances at each other throughout the film but now the eyes just weren’t having it. She was busy pushing back against the tears. And with a blink, the thought of what happened was melting to make way for what really happened.

Then the credits started and dim lights came on.


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